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If you run a business or have a piece of land that is being misused by people parking for reasons other than to do business with you or with your blessing then Link Parking may have the parking control management solution that solves your problems.
Using a space that is owed by someone else is clearly a conscious thing after all, we all recognise that a parking area is owned by somebody and furthermore that space was not purchased at great expense to provide people with a free place to park. It is common sense right? But in many cases individuals ignore the obvious and take up spaces that were obviously intended for use by the business and that will inevitably cost you both time, ill feeling and money.

Working with you on parking control management

At Link Parking we work with you to ensure these seemingly inconsequential parking misdemeanours do not go unchallenged, and where appropriate people are punished for using your space for their own gains.
You simply do not have to suffer for individuals that abuse your land. Simple measures will often mean no punishments are served, as people are made aware that this is not a public space and they cannot park here unless it is for legitimate reasons or those who have prior permission to use the space.

Often signage is the best form of parking control management

It may well be that people are using the spaces that you are paying for out of a lack of knowledge that the space is indeed private land. Signage and some well positioned cameras are often all that is needed to stop the majority of individuals from using the spaces or land as a public car park.
We will create all the necessary signs and put in place the relevant infrastructure to secure your parking spaces for the sole use for which they were intended. We will also have a maintenance program in place to keep your site as it should be, with clearly visible warnings for potential users that unless invited the spaces are not for them. The signs will also explain that if they are using the services of your business, the length of time they are able to park on site before requesting additional privileges from you.
One reason you may use the latter option is for example if you have a restaurant or shop near a city centre or commuter hotspot. You want people to come in and spend money with you but you do not want people to then leave the car for a much more extended period of time whilst they go elsewhere. Large companies like McDonalds Restaurants are now using these measures to overcome the problem of busy car parks becoming blocked up by people not even in the restaurant and in some cases people that have not even used the business.
If you have a problem piece of land or car park then Link Parking want to hear from you so we can help you resolve the problems and let you get on with the day to day running of your business.

Parking on pavements

Motorists should be banned from parking on pavements because the practice forces vulnerable pedestrians to walk in the road, campaigners have said.

The charity Guide Dogs say blocking the pavement, especially for blind people, is “inconsiderate and dangerous”.

There is already a ban on parking on footways on most London streets.

A poll for the charity suggested seven out of 10 people want restrictions for the rest of the country – and eight out of 10 councillors would back a new law.

Susan Williamson, who is completely blind in one eye and partially sighted in the other, said: “Stepping out to get round vehicles is really intimidating.

“It’s a constant concern which me and my husband (who is in a wheelchair) face every day and it would be so easily solved by parking on pavements being prevented by law.”

‘Real danger’

Her concerns were echoed by James White, Guide Dogs’ campaigns manager.

Guide dog
The average working life of a guide dog is five to six years

“It can be frightening for anyone who is forced to step into a road because the pavement is blocked by a van, car or other badly parked vehicle,” he said.

“Now imagine you have to step into a road where you can’t see oncoming traffic.

“We want politicians to act, preventing this form of inconsiderate and dangerous parking.”

Opinion pollsters YouGov carried out the survey for the charity, questioning 2,352 people in England, Scotland and Wales.

Separately 407 councillors in England and Wales were polled to gauge the views of local government.

Peter Box, chairman of the Local Government Association’s economy and transport board, said: “Inconsiderate drivers parking on pavements cause huge inconvenience and pose real danger to blind or partially-sighted people and wheelchair users.

“That is why councils fully support the call for a new law to end the current confusion caused by different rules for motorists parking inside the capital and around the rest of the country.”

Parking Control Management

Say no to free parking with parking control management

Parking control management solutions

If you operate a business or have private land that has car parking onsite then you may have considered parking control management as a way of controlling the flow of traffic. Parking control management will help to encourage a turnover of business that will improve cash flow and prevent the car park being misused by people leaving their car to shop or commute to other areas and restrict your genuine customer’s ability to do business with you.
Why should an individual feel it ok to park in a car park obviously paid for by a company and clearly meant for individuals that want to use the businesses services. Not being able to park, especially in areas where residential permits are used or heavily used town or city spaces can be a nightmare for customers and so your parking space is valuable in order to attract and retain customers.

Is lack of parking control management costing you?

Having precious space taken up by individual leaving the car to go shopping elsewhere or to join a fellow colleague to take one car to work can block up a space for considerable amounts of time and rest assured once these “safe havens” are found word spreads and you end up with a car park full of non-paying, non-customers. At Link Parking we don’t believe this is right or fair and can help in parking control management no matter what size your car park is or where it is situated in the UK. Our philosophy is simple if you have a good reason to park and are spending money with a business then everyone is happy if not why should you not pay the price.

Private land parking control management

If you have private land that is being misused by non-authorised parking it can be a real pain. Staff that cannot park in a designated space can lead to frustration and lateness which will all impact on your business. The cost of this seemingly small matter when costed up and multiplied over time will surprise many and that is why the 2 minutes taken out of your busy day to call Link Parking will be time well spent.
At Link Parking we specialise in parking control management in all forms and can help make your parking area work for you and your business 365 days a year. You will probably never know the real cost of your parking problems but the benefits of parking control management are clear and well documented.
As more and more cars hit the roads of the UK and more families are forced to become two parent working families then the problem of nuisance parking will only get worse and by acting now you will future-proof against these issues and provide staff and customers with a free flowing and workable parking facility free of stress and hassle.
As we maintain and create all the signage and infrastructure for your parking area we take all calls, emails and problems related to the space are dealt with solely by our team to leave you to get on with running your business whilst we run your parking control management on your behalf.